Brithdate 3/21/2004

3 days old

4 days old

One week old

Chow time

Crowd of pups

Aunt Diva with pups

Tired in the tire

Poor Nikita

Enjoying a sunny day

Barely 4 weeks old

Look at me ~ 5 weeks old

Climbing up on the wood block

Untying the shoelaces

Am I cute or what?

Resting with my brother, Mr. Black

I still love my tire!

First family photo. Brogan with Parker, Patrick and Kelly

First swim in the pool

Just out of the pool

Relaxing in the Florida sun

Sitting for a moment

Checking out the tunnel

Thinking about jumping in the pool

Getting a leaf out of the pool

Swimming with the big dogs

Sleeping after a busy day

The eggplant must die!

Ducks are good

Playing ball with Patrick

Some early "tug" training

Cat toys are fun

On the bed

Getting comfortable

Digging a hole

Tennis anyone?

Tugging with Patrick

Did someone call me?

Retrieving in the yard

Field training

Barely 6 months old

Not quite tall enough yet to get the ice out of the fridge.

8 months old

Headshot at 8 months of age

Long down ~ 8 months

On the day Brogan was born, he was dubbed Mr. Green, as that was the color of his collar.  In his litter photos, just look for the green collar to identify Brogan.